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Machines Supplied by us use a Brass Plate Hopper Level System the coins (usually 1/) must reach a brass plate before the coins deflect to cashbox

      No coins between both plates mean coins drop into Hopper.

      Coins covering both brass plates mean coins drop to Cash box.


Coin Controls Universal Hopper Plate Position

The Default Hopper Plate setting are used on most machines allow approx 150 - 200 float

The Hopper Plates are usually raised higher in a machine equipped with a note acceptor as machine may have to handle larger payouts ~ 600 float



Hi Lo Adaptor Settings

CREDIT LINES Directs 10 and 10p Pulses to correct credit lines (COIN IN / KEY IN)

DEFLECT SWITCH Changes Polarity / Direction to Suit Coin Mec in various cabinets

LAMPS ON Link to Power all used button lamps via 12v

JOYSTICK Connector for Optional 4 way Joystick





Picture Shows Default settings for a Payout Machine:









Switch Settings all others switches are not used




Switch 1

Demo Song

OFF   YES                                           Demo Song Plays During Attract Mode

ON    NO


Switch 2

In Way


ON    KEY IN = 10p, COIN IN = 1         Normal Setting do not change unless understood !!!!


Switch 3

Hopper Mode

OFF   HOPPER MODE                            Winnings Payout is via Hopper

ON    KEYOUT                                     Winnings Payout is via Cashier Refund Note Hi Button link on adaptor should be removed


Switch 4

Payout Mode

OFF   AUTO                                        Winnings Are Paid Instantly Through Hopper

ON    HAND                                        Hopper Payouts Controlled by Player