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Joker Poker 2000/2004  Program Setup Instructions


8 way Switch Settings on Game PCB









Bet Units




Play Mode


£1 = 10p


Coin Control




Always OFF




Always ON




Always OFF




Always OFF




Memory Clear


Credit / Payout Modes

Switch 2 Controls the Payout (Hopper) or Credit Mode, OFF for Credit Play, ON for Payout Play, Refill and Cashbox Switch functions will change accordingly.


Payout Machines

Hopper Float is 200 – Refill as normal through Refill key – Auto refill (in 10 coin steps) is available through Cashbox Key using refill menu with gamble button.

Each Hopper payout is limited to £15, (“HIT HIGH FOR PAY”)



Credit Machines

This program is intended for Hi-Lo style Cabinets – the credit only style (Nourat Deluxe) cabinet uses a ‘Cancel Holds’ button which should be disconnected as its is the 10p credit line with Hi-Lo Cabinet programs.


Setting Game Up

To Set Maximum Bet / Target Percentage / Speed of Deal

1)      Press the Cashbox Switch

2)      RESET REFILL READOUT should appear, press the Hold 5 Switch for READOUT

3)      Quickly Press the HIGH button Until BET / SPEED / TARGET Appears

4)      The TARGET % can be changed by using HIGH / LOW Switches

5)      Move to SPEED by pressing DEAL SWITCH

6)      The SPEED can be changed by using HIGH / LOW Switches

7)      Move to BET by pressing DEAL SWITCH

8)      The BET can be changed by using HIGH / LOW Switches

9)      Finish By Pressing Hold 5


TARGET - recommend setting to 72%

SPEED - recommend setting to 11

BET - the maximum bet, usually 30p in Ireland/England using switch 1 Setting at 10p (ON)


Clearing Memory

Switch 8 is checked by the software only on power up – so to clear memory:

1)      Machine is turned off

2)      Switch 8 should be turned ON

3)      Turn Machine On

4)      No cards will be displayed on screen

5)      Switch 8 should be turned OFF

6)      memory is now cleared

7)     The BET/SPEED/TARGET will need to setup





Recommend Payout (Hopper) Settings :

Switch 1 ON

Switch 2 ON

Switch 3 ON

Switch 4 OFF

Switch 5 ON

Switch 6 OFF

Switch 7 OFF

Switch 8 ON


Recommend Credit Play Settings :

Switch 1 ON

Switch 2 OFF

Switch 3 ON

Switch 4 OFF

Switch 5 ON

Switch 6 OFF

Switch 7 OFF

Switch 8 ON


Refill Mode

Refill mode is used to setup machine hopper level from installation or in case of large payout.


‘HOPPER PROBLEM’ may be displayed on-screen informing that the hopper has failed to pay requested coin amount – Hopper refill must be used to clear the error – otherwise no payout will occur.


To Refill Hopper :

1)      Insert front key above Payout tray and turn it & put back in original position.

2)      ‘REFILL’ and ‘HOPPER’ will be displayed on screen, press middle HOLD button to enter the refill screen and the Hopper level will be displayed.

3)       Ensure the hopper contains the amount onscreen, if hopper needs topped up enter £1 coins through the coin acceptor – the software will allow the hopper to be topped up higher than the 200 level if wanted.




When Hopper is dumped it does not affect current Hopper level for game :


1)      Start Hopper Dump by turning bottom cashbox key above meters and turning off again

2)      Press HIGH to start dump

3)      The coins will be counted on-screen

4)      Hopper will stop automatically or hit LOW

5)      Make note of count figure

6)      Place Coins Back into Hopper

7)      Check current refill level using Front Key-switch and exit

8)      Ensure Refill levels Match – add or remove coins physically from hopper to match